Twitch launches stories for streamers

By Ehtesham

Published on:

In a bold move to enrich the experience for both streamers and their audiences, Twitch has unveiled its latest feature: Stories for streamers.

These stories allow streamers to maintain a connection with their followers, even when they’re not live on the platform. With the rollout of this exciting addition, Twitch is stepping up the game for both established Partners and Affiliates.

Streaming Interaction

Streamers who have dedicated at least 45 minutes to their craft in the last 30 days now have the opportunity to share stories with their Twitch community.

Unlike the 24-hour lifespan of Instagram and Snapchat stories, Twitch stories stick around for 48 hours, ensuring that followers don’t miss out on their favorite streamers’ updates.

For those streamers who have garnered a minimum of 30 subscribers, there’s an extra treat in store. Exclusive stories are up for grabs, creating a unique connection between the broadcaster and their most loyal fans. The best part? This feature is rolling out to eligible streamers right now!

Twitch Bond

Eduardo Fenili, Twitch’s Senior Product Manager, expressed the essence of this update beautifully. In a blog post announcing the stories feature, he said, “You’ve built a loyal community on Twitch, and your followers likely follow you on other platforms.

But we’ve heard from you that trying to connect with them through multiple services limits your reach and can feel rather disconnected from your shared experiences on Twitch.”

This update serves as a powerful tool for streamers to keep their audience informed about their schedule. Whether it’s letting your fans know when you’re going live or explaining that you might be running a little late, Twitch stories make communication seamless.

With push notifications enabled, followers will receive alerts whenever their favorite streamers share a new story.

Storytelling on Twitch

Twitch’s stories offer more than just a text and photo-sharing platform. Eligible streamers can also share clips from their channel or another, engaging their audience with the highlights.

The icing on the cake is the ability for viewers to react to stories using Twitch emotes. Streamers can monitor the performance of their stories, tracking views and reactions, which allows them to tailor content that resonates best with their community.

Fenili emphasized that these stories don’t have to be all business. In his words, “It’s all about staying in touch and deepening those connections, anytime you want.”

Whether it’s sparking a debate about the top-tier cereals with a breakfast picture or encouraging viewers to participate in emote reactions, Twitch stories open up an exciting world of interaction.

Safety Measures

Twitch is dedicated to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for its users. The platform employs automated scanning measures to prevent harmful content from being uploaded as stories. Stories are also subject to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, and viewers can report any content that breaches the platform’s safety standards.

But that’s not all. Twitch has more in store for stories, with plans to release additional features in the coming months. This includes the ability to create polls, tag other streamers, and access editing capabilities.

Twitch’s commitment to enhancing the platform’s features aligns with the recent rollout of new tools and anti-harassment measures, making Twitch a dynamic and engaging space for all.


The introduction of stories on Twitch is a game-changer in the world of live streaming. Streamers now have the power to stay in touch with their audience even when they’re not actively broadcasting.

This feature not only facilitates communication but also nurtures the sense of community among followers and streamers alike. With safety measures in place and exciting plans for the future, Twitch’s storytelling venture promises to be a vibrant and integral part of the platform’s evolution.


Who can post stories on Twitch?

Streamers who have dedicated at least 45 minutes to their craft in the last 30 days are eligible to post stories. For exclusive stories, a minimum of 30 subscribers is required.

How long do Twitch stories last?

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat stories, Twitch stories have a 48-hour lifespan.

What kind of content can streamers share in their stories?

Streamers can share text, photos, and clips from their channel or another. They can also engage with viewers using Twitch emotes.

How is safety ensured in Twitch stories?

Twitch employs automated scanning measures to prevent harmful content. Stories must adhere to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, and viewers can report any content that violates safety standards.

What additional features can we expect in Twitch stories?

In the coming months, Twitch plans to introduce features like polls, tagging other streamers, and editing capabilities to enhance the storytelling experience.