CapCut ByteDance’s New Video Editing Tool Empowers Marketers

By Ehtesham

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In an exciting development, ByteDance-owned CapCut, a popular video editing app, is expanding its horizons. Known for its user-friendly features and seamless integration with TikTok, CapCut has been a hit among consumers.

With over $100 million in consumer spending, it’s now making a bold move into the business world. CapCut for Business is set to revolutionize the way advertisers and creators generate ads and branded content.

CapCut’s Rise

CapCut’s journey to success has been remarkable. It’s celebrated for its easy-to-use templates and rapid adoption of AI effects and filters. The app has consistently ranked among the top 10 or 20 apps in the iOS App Store.

Now, CapCut is leveraging its capabilities to provide powerful tools for marketers, brands, small businesses, and creators. With CapCut for Business, these professionals can unlock a treasure trove of creative possibilities.


AI takes center stage in this new offering. CapCut for Business introduces an AI-powered script generation tool that helps advertisers craft compelling scripts based on their products or business descriptions.

It also offers thousands of commercially licensed business templates and a tool for transforming product or landing page URLs into engaging videos.

Virtual Try-Ons

The AI magic doesn’t stop there. CapCut for Business allows marketers to access AI-generated presenters who can showcase products through demos and explainer videos.

For e-commerce businesses and clothing merchants, there’s a virtual try-on feature that lets customers virtually test products and create stunning product showcase photos.


Unlike the consumer app, CapCut for Business is designed for teamwork. It facilitates collaboration, enabling users to work on ad campaigns with team members, agencies, and creators.

Anyone can be granted permission to edit, access, review, or contribute notes and suggestions, making it a versatile tool for business teams.


The tools provided by CapCut for Business aren’t limited to advertising. They can also be used to create organic content, such as videos for a brand’s TikTok account. This adaptability ensures that businesses can make the most of their creative potential.

Global Impact

Originally launched in China as JianYing in 2019, CapCut expanded globally, riding on the coattails of TikTok’s success. As of August 2023, the app boasts an impressive user base of 490 million iOS and Android users worldwide, approximately 25% of TikTok’s user base.

Its top markets include the U.S., U.K., Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Brazil. CapCut’s global reach extends to 170 countries outside China.

Power of AI

CapCut has proven its profitability, surpassing Splice to become the most profitable video editing app globally in the first half of 2023, with record earnings of $50 million.

This achievement makes it ByteDance’s second app to cross the $100 million threshold. AI features, including templates, effects, and filters, have been instrumental in its growth.

Marketers and Creators

CapCut for Business empowers brands, marketers, and creators to craft captivating content. This free software offers an array of tools to enhance video output, views, and engagement.

By reducing the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) in some cases, it can even boost online sales. While real-world results are yet to be seen on a broader scale, the potential is immense.


With CapCut for Business, ByteDance is redefining video editing tools for marketers and creators. Its emphasis on AI-driven features, collaboration, and versatility positions it as a powerful asset in the world of content creation.

Whether you’re an advertiser, brand, or creator, CapCut for Business unlocks a world of possibilities to bring your vision to life.


What is CapCut for Business?

CapCut for Business is an extension of the popular video editing app, CapCut, designed to empower marketers, brands, and creators in generating ads and branded content.

How does AI play a role in CapCut for Business?

AI is at the heart of this service, offering script generation, AI-generated presenters, and virtual try-on features.

Who can use CapCut for Business?

Brands, marketers, and creators can access CapCut for Business, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes.

What makes CapCut for Business different from the consumer app?

CapCut for Business is designed for collaboration, enabling teams to work together on ad campaigns. It’s a powerful tool for creative professionals.

Can CapCut for Business be used for organic content?

Yes, the tools provided by CapCut for Business are versatile and can be used to create organic content, such as videos for a brand’s TikTok account.