Microsoft’s Teams Chat Gets a Boost: Introducing Message Forwarding

By Ehtesham

Published on:

In the world of digital communication, the ability to forward messages can be a game-changer. Microsoft understands this and is working on bringing message forwarding to its Teams messaging platform.

With this new feature on the horizon, users will be able to share conversations with ease, adding context and clarity to the messages they forward. Join us as we dive into this exciting development and what it means for Teams users.

Familiar Functionality

Forwarding messages is not a new concept; it’s a fundamental feature in the world of messaging platforms. It allows users to share valuable information, funny anecdotes, or important updates with others who weren’t part of the original conversation. This simple action can streamline communication and foster collaboration.

What sets Microsoft’s approach apart is the promise of added context, clarity, and additional content when forwarding messages. This means that users will be able to provide more information or explanations when they share a message. It’s a feature that is sure to enhance the communication experience within Teams.

How It Works

To forward a message in Teams, users will simply need to right-click on the message they want to share. This intuitive process ensures that forwarding messages is a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

Whether you want to share a snippet of a conversation with an individual or contribute to a group chat, Teams will accommodate your needs.


While the concept of message forwarding is exciting, it raises questions about potential limitations. Will there be a cap on how many times a user can forward a message in a day? Microsoft has yet to provide clarity on this matter, and it’s a detail that will be closely watched as the feature rolls out.

In Good Company

The addition of message forwarding in Teams brings it in line with other leading messaging platforms. Slack, for example, has offered message forwarding for some time. Now, Teams users will enjoy similar capabilities, making cross-platform communication seamless.

The Countdown

Microsoft is making swift progress with this feature. According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page (feature ID 90585), message forwarding is scheduled to launch next month. However, there’s a catch—it will be available exclusively to desktop users at the outset.

As a targeted release, not everyone will gain immediate access to message forwarding. Instead, Microsoft will roll it out to select individuals initially, with a broader release planned for a later date.


Message forwarding is a valuable addition to Microsoft Teams, enhancing its utility and versatility. As the feature makes its way to users, it promises to empower seamless sharing and collaboration within the platform.

Whether you’re sharing insights, updates, or a touch of humor, message forwarding is set to become a key tool for Teams users.


What is message forwarding in Teams?

Message forwarding in Teams allows users to share chat messages with others, along with added context and content, enhancing communication.

How do you forward a message in Teams?

To forward a message, simply right-click on the message you wish to share, and select the forwarding option. It’s an intuitive process.

Can you forward messages to both individuals and group chats in Teams?

Yes, Teams users can forward messages to both individuals and group chats, adding flexibility to their communication.

Are there limitations on how many times a message can be forwarded in a day?

Microsoft has not specified any limitations on the number of times a message can be forwarded, and this aspect will be monitored as the feature rolls out.

When will message forwarding be available in Teams, and who can access it?

Microsoft plans to launch message forwarding next month, initially for desktop users. It will be a targeted release, gradually reaching a broader user base over time.