Why Does My Cat Sleep More in Winter

Cats are less active in winter so require less energy and sleep more. Provide interactive toys indoors.

Lower Activity 

Cats sleep more in winter to conserve energy and stay warm. Ensure they have warm, cozy beds.

Conserving Energy

With fewer daylight hours, cats sleep more in winter. Try lighting that mimics natural light.


Cats eat more in winter causing extra sleepiness. Feed several small meals rather than one large one.

Increased Appetite 

With less time outdoors, cats can sleep more from boredom. Engage indoors with toys, cat trees, and playtime.


Excessive sleeping and lethargy in winter can indicate illness. Have your vet check senior or sick cats.


Sleeping over 20 hours a day in winter is normal for many cats. But significant changes warrant a vet visit.

Normal Behavior

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