Why Is My Cat Sticking Its Tongue Out

A stressed cat may stick its tongue out. Look for other signs like hiding, lack of grooming, or appetite changes. Try to reduce stressors.


Cats stick tongues out to cool down. Ensure access to shade, fans, and water. Get furry cats groomed. Don't overdress cats.


Dental disease can cause tongue nerves to be more exposed. Get regular vet dental checks. Brush teeth daily.

Dental Issues

Nausea can cause tongue sticking out and drooling. If persistent, see the vet to treat any underlying illness.


Tongue sticking straight out can indicate a stroke. Rush to the emergency vet immediately if tongue hangs limply.


Tumors in the mouth or tongue can cause protrusion. Vet exam needed for diagnosis and treatment.

Oral Tumors

Some cats are born with tongue or jaw deformities causing their tongue to stick out. Usually manageable.

Birth Defects

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