Why Do Cats Scream When Mating

Unspayed females yowl and vocalize loudly to attract mates when in estrus or "heat" cycles lasting 1-2 weeks.

Female in Heat  

Tomcats yowl and fight noisily with other males competing for a female in heat to mate with.

Male Competition

Cats mating involves noisy behaviors like male nipping and vocal exchanges between the male and female.

Mating Ritual

Loud mating screams can indicate pain, discomfort or protest if the mating is forced or unwanted.

Discomfort or Protest

Spaying females and neutering males reduces hormones driving noisy heat cycles and mating behaviors.

Get Spayed

Loud cat breeding screams late at night understandably disturb neighbors and household members.


Isolate mating cats or distract with food puzzles during peak screaming times to reduce noise.

Separate or Distract

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