An Overview of Popular Hairless Cat Breeds

The Sphynx's hairless skin comes in patterns and colors. They need warmth, bathing, and sunscreen but minimal grooming.


Peterbalds appear bald but have soft, downy fur. They thrive on attention and activity.


Muscular Donskoys have minimal shedding and grooming. Their hair levels vary from bald to brushy coats.


A new Sphynx/American Curl mix, the Dwelf has bald skin, curly ears, and a lively personality.


Some Oriental breeds like the Oriental Shorthair come in a "hairless" variant.

Oriental Breeds

The Bambino is created by breeding Sphynx with Munchkin cats, resulting in a hairless, short-legged cat.


Hairless cats need high-protein diets, regular bathing, and protection from cold and sun exposure.

Diet & Skin Care

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