Understanding Why Dogs Lick the Air

Air licking allows dogs to better pick up scents. It provides chemical info about their environment.  

Scent Investigation

Excessive air licking may be a self-soothing behavior in anxious or stressed dogs.

Stress or Anxiety

Dogs may lick the air out of boredom or when understimulated. More exercise and enrichment could help.


If frequent and excessive, air licking could indicate obsessive compulsive disorder. Consult a vet.

Compulsive Disorder  

Dental pain can cause excessive lip licking. Have your vet inspect their mouth.

Dental Issues

Nausea or gastrointestinal issues may also cause air licking. Ensure your dog is eating properly.

GI Upset

Redirect your dog's attention with a command or toy when they lick excessively.

How to Curb It  

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