The Reasons Dogs Like to Roll in the Grass

Rolling masks a dog's scent, allowing them to sneak up on prey. It's an instinct from their wild ancestry.

Scent Camouflage  

Dogs roll in smelly stuff simply because they like the way it smells. It's a way to get attention.

Scent Pleasure

The texture and coolness of grass likely feels pleasing against a dog's back when they roll.

Texture Feels Good

Rolling and rubbing may help dogs relieve anxiety, excitability, and nervous energy.

Stress Relief

Dogs learn that rolling gets a reaction from their owners, even if it's negative attention.

Attention Seeking  

If happening frequently, grass rolling may indicate an underlying skin allergy or condition. See your vet.

Health Issue Symptom

Distract them into another behavior when they try to roll. Avoid scolding or yelling.  

How to Curb It

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