Top Most Hyper, Energetic Dog Breeds

This highly intelligent herding breed has tireless energy and needs active owners.

Australian Shepherd

Full of spunk and spirit, this small terrier is always on the go and ready to play.

Jack Russell Terrier

Bred to pull sleds, Huskies are athletic and energetic, needing lots of activity.

Siberian Husky 

Known for being busy and goofy, Boxers stay playful and mischievous well into adulthood.  


America's most popular breed is energetic, especially as puppies. They love to play and go for long swims.

Labrador Retriever

This velcro breed has unlimited energy for activities. They thrive on lots of exercise and mental stimulation.  


The smartest dog breed is also extremely active. They excel at dog sports and need active owners.

Border Collie  

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