Creative Dog Halloween Costumes

Dress your pup up as the classic cookout favorite - a hot dog! Use a hot dog costume or DIY with fabric. 

Hot Dog 

Turn your dog into a jack-o-lantern! Use a pumpkin dog costume or DIY one with orange and green fabric.


Dress your dog up in a vendor apron with plush hot dogs to hand out for treats! Adorable group idea.

Hot Dog Vendor 

With some black fabric wings and ears your dog can be a spooky bat! A cute DIY costume idea.


Make your dog the king of beasts! Mane and ears make a fun lion costume for your pup.


With green fabric, wings and a tail you can transform your dog into a ferocious dragon!


Give your dog a cape and mask and they can be a super pup hero! Fun DIY option.


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