Top 7 Most Exotic Cat Breeds

Savannahs are a cross between domestic cats and African Servals. Their tall, lanky bodies and exotic spotted coats are stunning.


Bengals were bred from Asian Leopard Cats, giving them a wild, exotic look with vivid rosettes/spots. They are energetic and love water.


Toygers were specially bred to have striped tabby coats that mimic miniature tigers. They have an inquisitive temperament.


Orientals have striking almond eyes, oversized ears and sleek bodies. Their vibrant patterns and colors are eye-catching.

Oriental Shorthair 

Known for their large size, Maine Coons have a rugged, wild appearance and shaggy coats. Their tails can grow over a foot long!

Maine Coon

LaPerms have a curly coat resembling a poodle or lamb's fleece. Their unusual wooly texture is soft and dense. 


Peterbalds have an exotic hairless appearance reminiscent of an alien. Their bodies are elegant and graceful.


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