Top 7 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Known as lap cats, Ragdolls love being held and cuddled. They are extremely affectionate and form strong attachments to their families.


Despite their size, Maine Coons are gentle, social and love snuggling up with their favorite humans.

Maine Coon 

Sphynx cats crave warmth and physical touch from humans. They are cuddly, upbeat and openly display affection.


Persians have a sweet nature and enjoy being petted and sitting on laps. They thrive when showered with love and attention.


Siamese cats demand human interaction and get very attached to their owners. They vocalize and follow people around.


Bombays are sensitive, social butterflies that enjoy being involved in family activities. They hate being ignored.


Burmese thrive on companionship and will supervise owners constantly. They love snuggling up with their humans.


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