7 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Abyssinians are energetic, inquisitive and easy to train. Their intelligence makes them fast learners and excellent problem solvers.


Siamese cats are vocal, social and highly adept at learning. They excel at agility courses and commands


Bengals are active, playful and love to learn. They thrive being taught tricks and completing interactive puzzles.


Burmese are very smart and respond well to positive reinforcement training. They pick up on tricks quickly.  


Maine Coons have excellent memories and learn routines fast. They excel at agility competitions and learning tricks.

Maine Coon

American Shorthairs are adaptable, loving and take well to training. They enjoy learning commands and tricks.

American Shorthair

Russian Blues have a bright, inquisitive nature. They excel at learning routines, commands and agility training.  

Russian Blue

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