Tips for Calming Your High Energy Dog

Give your energetic dog adequate daily exercise like walks, runs, fetch, and swimming to tire them out.  

Physical Exercise

Use puzzle toys, snuffle mats, obedience training, and nose work to engage your dog's brain and wear them out mentally.

Mental Stimulation  

Restricting daytime naps can help your dog settle down for calmer evenings.

Limit Daytime Naps

Try natural calming supplements but consult your vet first. These can take the edge off.

Calming Supplements

Giving your dog gentle massages can help relax and calm them. Focus on shoulders, neck and back.  


Give your dog a comfortable, quiet space to unwind in like a crate with a blanket.

Create a Calm Space

Maintaining consistent daily routines for feeding, walks, playtime, etc. can have a calming effect.

Stick to a Routine

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