Tips to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash

Reward your dog with treats for walking next to you without pulling. This positive reinforcement will motivate them.

Use Treats 

When your dog pulls, immediately stop walking. Only continue once the leash relaxes. This teaches them pulling stops forward progress.

Stop Suddenly  

Randomly change direction when your dog starts pulling. This reminds them to pay attention to you.

Change Direction  

Try harnesses and collars designed to deter pulling by making it uncomfortable. Never use choke or prong collars.

Use Gentle Equipment

Teach your dog a solid “heel” command. Reward them for maintaining heel position during walks.

Practice Heel Command

Train consistently, using the same techniques every walk. Dogs thrive on consistency.

Be Consistent   

Incorporate training into a fun walk by praising and rewarding your dog for focusing on you.

Make It a Game

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