The Longest-Lived Cat Breeds

Known for their longevity, Siamese often live 15-20 years. Their intelligence and agility help keep them healthy.


With few health issues, Russian Blues frequently reach 15-20 years old. Their short coats also reduce grooming time.

Russian Blu

Energetic and resilient, Abyssinians commonly reach 15+ years. Daily activity keeps them thriving into old age. 


Many tortoiseshell cats exceed 15 years of age. Their varied coat colors may correlate to longer life. 


With proper care, Persians often live to at least 15 years old. Keeping their coat groomed helps prevent issues.


As a long-lived Siamese relative, Balinese cats often reach 15-20 years old with proper care and exercise. 


Manx cats typically live 12-15 years or more. Their lack of a tail reduces risk of injury and disease.


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