Top Fluffiest Cat Breeds You'll Love Cuddling

Known for its long, luxurious coat and sweet, gentle nature, the Persian is one of the fluffiest breeds. 


This gentle giant has a shaggy, water-resistant coat. Though huge, it's an affectionate "gentle giant".

Maine Coon 

One of the largest domestic breeds, the Ragdoll is a docile, floppy feline with a super-soft, silky coat. 


Hailing from Russia, the Siberian cat has a triple coat resistant to cold. Its long fur is hypoallergenic too! 


This natural breed has a beautiful, water-resistant double coat to withstand cold winters.

Norwegian Forest Cat 

The Selkirk Rex has an incredibly plush, dense, curly coat that makes them irresistibly cuddly. 

Selkirk Rex

This cat breed has semi-longhair with a silky texture and light colorings on the paws, called "gloves". 


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