The Cutest Cat Breeds You'll Adore

Scottish Fold cats have adorably folded down ears that give them an endearing owl-like expression.

Scottish Fold Cats

Known for their very short legs, Munchkin cats have cute stubby proportions and a playful nature.


Affectionate and docile, Ragdoll cats go limp when held, enhancing their cuddly cuteness.


Devons have an impish face with large eyes, ears, and a retro gremlin-like appearance.

Devon Rex

American Curls have distinctive curled back ears that create a sweet, perky expression.  

American Curl Cats

Also called the Curly Tail cat, the Kurilian Bobtail has a pom-pom tail that accentuates its cuteness.

Bobtail Cats

With shiny black coats, round heads, and vibrant eyes, Bombay cats have an adorable mini panther-like look.

Bombay Cat

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