Fluffiest Cats You'll Want to Cuddle

Known for their long, flowing coats, Persian cats have an exceptionally fluffy appearance. Their fur requires daily grooming.

Persian Cats  

This hardy, triple-coated cat breed develops a thick, dense undercoat in cold weather that gives them a very plush, fluffy look. 

Siberian Cats

Adaptable Norwegian Forest cats have a substantial double-layer coat made for cold Scandinavian winters that makes them look abundantly fluffy.

Norwegian Forest Cats   

One of the largest domesticated cat breeds, the Maine Coon has a shaggy coat and ruff that gives it a rounded, fluffy silhouette.

Maine Coon 

These gentle giants have semi-long, soft coats that billow out and make them look like cuddly stuffed animals.


The Selkirk Rex's signature curly coat gives them an adorably unkempt and fluffy teddy bear-like appearance. 

Selkirk Rex Cats

Though fine and silky, the medium-long coat of the Turkish Angora results in a fabulously fluffy look and feel.

Turkish Angora Cats

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