The 7 Most Obese House Cats Ever 

Meow, an orange tabby owned by a Santa Fe couple, made news in 2012 for weighing a whopping 40 pounds, over 4 times the normal weight.

Meow the Cat

Samson from Australia made headlines in 2003 for hitting a record 49 pounds, heavier than most bobcat breeds. He was put on a strict diet.

Samson the Cat

Sparky, a tabby owned by an Irish family, became famous as one of the heaviest cats after tipping scales at 41 pounds. He lost weight after being adopted.

Sparky the Cat  

Snowball, owned by a Texan family, became an internet sensation for weighing 37 pounds. The fluffy white cat was put on an exercise regime.

Snowball the Cat

Butterball entered the Guinness Book of Records in the 1980s for being the heaviest cat at 47 pounds. The orange tabby was twice the normal weight.

Butterball the Cat

Princess Chunk, from New Jersey, made news for weighing 44 pounds. She was relinquished for adoption and gradually lost weight.  

Princess Chunk 

The original real-life Garfield was an obese tabby owned by Jim Davis. Weighing 28 pounds, the cat inspired Davis' comic strip. 


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