The 7 Coolest Cat Breeds For Unique Personalities

Egyptian Maus resemble miniature cheetahs with their spotted coats and elegant feline gait. They are extremely intelligent and loyal cats.

Egyptian Mau

Savannahs are a Serval hybrid with a tall, slender build and exotic spotted pattern. They are energetic jumpers that love water.


Bengals have an exotic leopard-like look owing to their Asian Leopard Cat ancestry. They are agile, love playing fetch and water.


Abyssinians are easily identifiable by their ticked, wildcat coats. They are busy, active cats constantly on the go.


Siamese cats are known for their cool baby blue eyes, pointed patterns and distinct raspy meow. They crave human company.


Sphynx cats have an elegant hairless look. Despite their aloof vibe, they thrive on attention and cuddles. 


Tailless Manx cats have a cool round-faced appearance. They are super social cats but can be bullheaded.


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