Cat Breeds With the Longest Luscious Locks

Known for their large size, Maine Coons have a semi-long water-resistant coat that comes in many colors and patterns.

Maine Coon

Adapted to the cold climate, Norwegian Forest Cats have a double-layered coat of long fur with a woolly undercoat. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

Turkish Angoras are recognized by their long, silky, shimmery fur that requires daily grooming to prevent tangles.

Turkish Angora

Ragdolls have a moderately long, plush coat that feels like rabbit fur. Regular grooming maintains the coat's luster.


Siberian cats have a triple coat of fur with a dense undercoat and long, feathery guard hairs. Their coats are hypoallergenic.  

Siberian Cat

Persians are renowned for their floor-length, flowing fur that comes in myriad colors. Their coat needs daily grooming.

Persian Cat

Himalayans have long, silky, luminous coats resembling their Persian ancestors. Their fur requires meticulous upkeep.


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