Signs To Know Your Cat Is Approaching The End of Life

Older cats sleep more as their energy levels decline. Respect their need for additional rest.

Increased Sleeping

A decreased appetite or struggling to eat indicate declining health. Try tempting with favorite foods.

Changes in Eating Habits

Messy coats and unkempt fur happen when cats can no longer self-groom. Help groom them daily.

Poor Grooming

Your cat withdrawing from family, toys, and activities signals their approaching end. Give them affection.

Less Engagement

Incontinence and forgetting the litterbox are common as cats decline. Clean accidents without scolding. 


Gradual weight loss from illness is expected. Help them maintain nutrients with easily digestible foods.

Weight Loss

Yowling, groaning, or other vocal changes can indicate your cat is in pain or distressed.

Changes in Vocalizations

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