Creative and Fun DIY Dog Costumes

Use a red blanket or towel as the bun, and affix hot dogs along your dog's back with fabric glue or stitches. 

Hot Dog

Wrap your dog in a cape made from a red or blue blanket. Add a logo or letter on the back made from felt or fabric paint.


Make antennae with pipe cleaners on a headband. Add black stripes on a yellow shirt or blanket for the outfit.


Cut leg holes in an orange blanket. Add green construction paper leaves on top for the stem.


Drape a glittery blanket as a cape. Add a small crown or tiara ordered online or made from construction paper.

Princess or Prince

Use a bandana as an eye patch and a towel or wrap as a pirate hat. Add a toy parrot as a shoulder companion.


Craft a bandana neckerchief. Add a plaid shirt or blanket as a vest, and a toy cowboy hat.


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