Most Unique, Cool & Quirky Cat Breeds

With a spooky werewolf appearance, the Lykoi has a partial hair coat that makes them look like a werewolf!


Strange and wrinkly, the Sphynx is a hairless cat that feels like velvet. They need baths and sunscreen for their skin.


The Devon Rex has big ears, wavy fur, and an impish face. Their curly coat sheds minimally.

Devon Rex

With huge ears and tightly curled fur, the Cornish Rex resembles a bald alien kitty. They have a playful personality.

Cornish Rex

American Wirehairs have unusual springy, crimped whiskers and coat. They like chatting with chirps and trills. 

American Wirehair  

The LaPerm has curly ringlets like a perm hairdo. They are active, curious and outgoing.


Resembling elegant statues, the Oriental Shorthair has striking large ears and sleek lines.

Oriental Shorthair  

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