Budget-Friendly Cat Breeds for Cost-Conscious

Known for their distinctive colorpoints and vocal nature, Siamese cats have short fur that requires minimal grooming


America's first registered breed, the American Shorthair is a rugged, healthy breed with an easy-care short coat.

American Shorthair

The Japanese Bobtail sheds minimally and requires little grooming. They are active, intelligent cats that bond closely with their families.

Japanese Bobtail

Resembling a miniature black panther, the Bombay has a sleek, shiny coat that takes little maintenance to keep looking sharp.


Born tailless, the Manx has a double coat but sheds minimally and requires little grooming to maintain.


American Curls have an unusual curled ear and a medium-length coat that needs weekly brushing to control shedding.

American Curl

One of the smallest cat breeds, the Singapura has a short, easy-care sepia-toned coat. They are playful and affectionate.


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