Most Stunning Gray Cat Breeds With Blue Tones

Russian Blues have a distinguished elegant look with their silvery-blue dense plush coat and vivid green eyes. They are intelligent, playful cats.

Russian Blue

Nebelungs are known for their long, silky blue fur and stunning green eyes. They have a semi-cobby body type and make affectionate companions.


Chartreux have a muscular build and medium-long water-repellent fur with a blue-grey hue. Their rounded heads and orange/copper eyes give them a sweet expression.


An ancient Thai breed, Korats are identifiable by their slate blue coat and luminous green eyes. They form strong bonds with their owners.


British Shorthairs come in different colors including blue. Their dense plush coat, round face and chubby body give them an endearing look. 

British Shorthair

Norwegian Forest Cats are adapted to the cold with their long waterproof coat that comes in various colors including blue-grey.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Balinese have a striking blue-grey fur with white highlights and deep blue almond-shaped eyes. They are affectionate and vocal cats.


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