Most Costly and Extravagant Pedigree Cat Breeds 

Savannah cats are a hybrid between an African Serval and a domestic cat. Their exotic spotted coats and wild cat looks make them hugely expensive, costing $15,000-$25,000


Asheras are claimed to be a hybrid between Asian Leopard cat, domestic cat and African Serval. Their leopard-like spots and grandeur make them status symbols costing $125,000. 


Their Sphinx-like coat and energetic personalities make them coveted, priced at $5,000-$10,000.


Serengetis are Bengal and Oriental Shorthair hybrids bred to resemble wildcats. Their long legs and exotic spotted coats carry hefty price tags of $15,000-$25,000.


Toygers are Bengal and domestic shorthair hybrids bred to look like mini tigers. Their vivid bullseye patterns and fierce stripes make them unique, costing $5,000.


Bengals are Asian Leopard Cat hybrids with a wild appearance. Their muscular build, vivid rosette patterns and energetic nature command prices of $1,000-$25,000.


Hairless Sphynx cats have an exotic, elegant look. Their wrinkled skin and scarce availability push their prices up to $1,000-$3,000.


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