Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds for Luscious Locks

The Persian has a long, flowing coat that requires daily grooming. Their fur is fine and prone to matting.


Known for its shaggy coat and playful personality, the Maine Coon has a water-resistant double coat.

Maine Coon

Elegant and energetic, the Turkish Angora has long, silky, shimmery fur that floats as it moves.

Turkish Angora

Adapted to the cold climate, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a long, thick waterproof double coat.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Hailing from Siberia, the hardy Siberian cat has a triple coat perfect for cold winters.


Docile and gentle, the Ragdoll cat has a silky semi-long coat that hardly tangles or mats.


Similar to the Maine Coon, the American Longhair has a shaggy medium-long water-resistant coat.

American Longhair

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