Labrador vs. Golden Retriever Key Differences 

Labs have a stocky, athletic build. Goldens have a more graceful, balanced frame. Lab coats are short and dense, while Goldens have flowing feathered fur.


Labs are energetic and playful. Goldens are gentle and eager to please. Both are intelligent and make great family dogs.


Labs require more exercise than Goldens. Both love activities like swimming and retrieving. Labs tend to be more energetic overall.

Exercise Needs

Labs are prone to obesity and joint problems. Goldens are at risk for cancer and hip/elbow dysplasia. Regular vet checks are important for both.

Health Issues

Labs and Goldens are highly intelligent and trainable breeds. Labs can be more rambunctious as puppies. Goldens are a little easier to train.


Labs have a water-resistant short coat requiring minimal grooming. Goldens have longer fur needing regular brushing to control shedding.


Labs are the #1 most popular breed. Goldens are #3. Both make wonderful family pets.


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