Top 7 Dog Breeds from Britain

One of Britain's most iconic breeds. Stocky, wrinkled, and lovable.

English Bulldog

 An active herding breed with a fox-like face, upright ears, and stubby legs. The Queen's favorite!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

A scent hound bred to hunt rabbits and hares. Well-known for their adorable floppy ears.


A popular toy breed with a long, silky coat. Feisty and affectionate companions.

Yorkshire Terrier

An independent and fiery terrier originally from Scotland. Best known for their wiry, salt-and-pepper fur.

Scottish Terrier

An elegant hunting dog bred to "set" game birds. Has a speckled coat and relaxed nature.

English Setter

A compact, powerfully built terrier. Intelligent and energetic dogs that love to dig.

Welsh Terrier

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