How Winter Cold Impacts Dogs, Cats 

Like people, pets can suffer from hypothermia. Know the signs - shivering, lethargy, weakness. Bring pets inside.


Extremities like paws, ears and tails are prone to frostbite. Limit time outdoors and use pet-safe salt.


Heaters can dry out pet skin and fur. Use humidifiers and hydrate with fish oil supplements.

Dry Skin

Less exercise in winter can cause pet weight gain. Adjust food and increase indoor playtime.

Weight Gain

Arthritis and joint pain worsen in cold weather. Talk to your vet about supplements or medication.

Joint Pain

Ice melts, salt and snow can damage paws. Wipe and wash paws after walks, use booties.

Paw Injuries

Dust and dander get trapped indoors. Limit allergens with air filters, dusting, vacuuming.


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