Top Best Dog Breeds for Beach Lovers

America's most popular breed excels at swimming and retrieving. They love splashing at the beach!

Labrador Retriever

With their water-resistant coat and webbed feet, Goldens thrive at the beach and dock diving.

Golden Retriever

Bred to help fishermen, PWDs love swimming and boating. A great beach companion!

Portuguese Water Dog

An athletic sporting breed with webbed feet ideal for swimming and beach romping.

Irish Setter

A super smart breed that excels at dog sports like dock diving. Loves water play.

Standard Poodle 

With their waterproof coat, Chessies thrive retrieving ducks on land and water.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

South Carolina's state dog is a compact, energetic retriever bred to flush birds in wetlands.

Boykin Spaniel

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