Fun Facts About the American Bobtail Cat 

The American Bobtail's distinctive short tail is caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.

Natural Bobbed Tail

American Bobtails bond strongly with their families. They are smart, playful cats that enjoy learning tricks.

Intelligent and Interactive 

American Bobtails come in all colors and patterns including solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, calico, pointed and more.

Varied Coat Colors  

This breed adjusts well to new environments. They get along with children, dogs and other pets when socialized early.

Adaptable Nature

The American Bobtail's medium-length, dense coat only requires weekly brushing to remove dead hair.

Minimal Grooming  

American Bobtails are a generally healthy breed with minor concerns like heart disease in some lines. Lifespan is 11-15 years.  

Few Health Issues

American Bobtails enjoy activity and playtime but are not overly demanding of their owners' time and attention.

Not Demanding

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