Fascinating Facts About the Bengal Cat Breed 

Bengals descended from hybrids of domestic cats and Asian leopard cats. Early generations looked more wild.

Wild Ancestry  

Bengals have vividly spotted or marbled coats. Colors include brown, silver, snow and more. Each cat's pattern is unique.

Coat Patterns

Bengals are active, athletic and require daily interactive play and exercise. Cat trees, toys and puzzles keep them engaged.


Bengals are highly intelligent and can be trained to walk on leashes, fetch toys, perform tricks and more.  


Bengals are very vocal cats who chirp, chortle and make a range of unique sounds to communicate.


Bengals can have sensitive stomachs. High protein diets and limited ingredients are best for good digestion.

Sensitive Digestion

With proper care, Bengals generally live 12-16 years. Keep them indoors and up-to-date on vet visits.

Long Lifespan

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