Dog Breeds That Do Well With Cats

Labrador Retrievers tend to be patient, gentle, and non-aggressive toward cats, often coexisting happily together.

Labrador Retriever

The friendly, mellow Cavalier King Charles Spaniel typically adapts well to homes with cats.

Cavalier King Charles 

Most pugs do fine living and interacting safely with cats. They tend to be companions both species enjoy.


Calm, gentle-natured Greyhounds are often trusted around cats since they have a lower prey drive.


Golden Retrievers usually have an amicable relationship with household cats, especially if socialized young.

Golden Retriever

Mild-mannered Basset Hounds generally appreciate lounging and cohabitating peacefully with laidback cats. 

Basset Hound

Smart, trainable Poodles can be taught to live harmoniously with feline friends with proper training and socialization.


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