Dog Breeds Most Prone to Destructive 

Labrador Retrievers chew a lot, especially when young. Their strong jaws can destroy objects quickly.

Labrador Retriever  

Bored Pit Bulls are extremely destructive chewers capable of tearing apart tough materials. They need plenty of chew toys.

Pit Bull

Known for chewing, Boxers will shred belongings, demolish dog beds, and wreck household items if not provided with appropriate outlets.


Smart yet energetic, German Shepherds get bored easily and will chew everything in sight if their needs are unmet.  

German Shepherd  

Beagles have an innate desire to chew. If left alone, they'll gnaw on furniture, shoes, carpets, and anything else they can find.


Australian Cattle Dogs chew a lot out of boredom and stress. They require extra chew toys and activity to stay out of trouble.

Australian Cattle Dog 

Dachshunds love to chew and have a habit of destroying shoes, children's toys, books, furniture, and more when bored.  


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