Top Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens

Smart, trainable Poodles like Standards and Miniatures make excellent companions for seniors seeking an active, low-shedding dog.


Sweet, affectionate Cavaliers thrive on being lap dogs and are happy with shorter, slower walks, perfect for seniors. 

Cavalier King Charles

Energetic but not hyper, the light-shedding Bichon makes a lively, cuddly, and patient companion for senior owners.

Bichon Frise

Retired racing Greyhounds are calm, gentle, and content with short daily walks, suiting less active seniors beautifully.


Cuddly, clever Maltese dogs love lounging on laps and cuddling up with their favorite seniors. Minimal exercise needs.


Fun-loving French Bulldogs have easy care coats, minimal exercise needs, and affectionate natures, ideal for senior owners.

French Bulldog

With their goofy personalities, low activity levels, and affectionate natures, pugs make devoted companions for retired seniors.


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