Do People Really Prefer Dogs Over Cats

There are more pet dogs than cats, with 76 million dogs and 58 million cats owned in the US, showing a preference for dogs.

Pet Ownership Stats

Dog owners spend significantly more on average per year on their pets for food, vet care, supplies indicating greater devotion.


Dogs are featured and highlighted far more than cats across media like ads, TV, movies, books reinforcing dog favoritism. 

Media Representation

The "dog person" vs "cat person" stereotypes portray "dog people" as more outgoing, social and active. 

Cultural Perceptions

The emphasis and popularity of dog breeds and competitions like Westminster shows more cultural interest in dogs.

Breed Popularity

Dogs take on more service roles and embody loyalty as cultural icons like Rin Tin Tin further elevating their status.

Heroes and Mascots

Dogs require more attention, walking, training which some view as rewarding. Cats are more independent.

Social Needs

Dog Breeds That Do Well With Cats