Cheapest Cat Breeds To Own That Cost Less

With no special grooming needs and average veterinary costs, short-haired Siamese cats are economical. Their affectionate nature adds value.


Low maintenance tabby cats have minimal grooming costs. Their balanced health and hearty appetites make them affordable pets.


Sleek, short-haired Bombay cats are easy keepers with few health issues. Their no-fuss coat keeps grooming costs low.


Tailless Manx cats have a wash-and-wear shorthair coat that requires little grooming expense. They have good health and longevity.


An easygoing breed, American Shorthairs have low grooming needs and no genetic illnesses, keeping costs affordable. 

American Shorthair

Wavy-coated Cornish Rex cats shed minimally reducing grooming costs. Their curious nature provides endless entertainment.

Cornish Rex

Oriental Shorthairs' short, neat coat requires infrequent grooming. Their energetic, playful personality delights owners.

Oriental Shorthair

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