Cat Breeds With Striking Black & White Coats

Black and white coat resembling a tuxedo suit. Can be many breeds. Playful, affectionate, intelligent.


Black body with white underside and facial markings. Active, playful. Found in Turkish Van breed.

Van Pattern

Originating from Turkey, the Turkish Van has a white body with black head and tail. Loves water.

Turkish Van

The British Shorthair has a dense, plush black and white coat. Gentle and easygoing.

British Shorthair

A large, laidback cat breed with thick black and white fur. Friendly and cuddly.


Known for their tri-colored black, white and orange coat. Intelligent and spunky.


The Munchkin has short legs and a black and white magnified look. Active and speedy.


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Wanting Lots