Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Wanting Lots

Extremely affectionate, loves being held and cuddled. Gentle, laid-back. Follows owners around. 


Sweet, gentle personality. Loves sitting on laps for petting. Companionable, forms strong bonds with families.


Demanding of attention and very affectionate. Loves being involved in family activities. Social and people-oriented.  


Devoted, people-loving breed. Many enjoy snuggling up with owners. Sociable, friendly with strangers too.

Maine Coon

Extroverted, clingy to owners. Loyal, loves being involved in everything. Playful, enjoys petting and physical affection.


Attach strongly to families. Love being petted and sitting on laps. Affectionate, enjoy being held and cuddled.


Intelligent, people-centered breed. Seeks out human interaction and petting. Playful, love to snuggle.


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