Adopting and Caring for a Senior Dog

Senior dogs offer calm companionship and loyalty. Adoption gives them a loving home in their golden years

Pros of Adoption 

Senior dogs may have conditions like arthritis, declining senses, dental disease. Budget for vet care.

Potential Health Issues

Regular gentle walks, play and training keeps their body and mind engaged. Adjust for abilities.

Keep Them Active

Provide orthopedic beds, ramps, heated pads to keep senior dogs content and reduce pain. 

Comfort is Key

Food puzzles, snuffle mats, chew toys prevent cognitive decline and boredom in older dogs.

 Mental Stimulation 

Feed digestible food with glucosamine, omega-3s, and lower calories/fat for less weight strain.

Senior Dog Diet 

Older dogs may need more potty breaks, grooming help, bathing assistance, and medication supervision. 

Extra Care  

Teaching Your Dog to Swim