7 Underrated Dog Breeds You Should Know

The Xoloitzcuintli, or Mexican hairless dog, is an ancient breed revered by the Aztecs. They're protective, loyal companions with a unique hairless coat.


Rat terriers are energetic, inquisitive small dogs that love being active outdoors. They make lively, affectionate family pets.

Rat Terrier

Similar to their cousin the rat terrier, American hairless terriers have an outgoing attitude. Their hairless bodies reduce dander

American Hairless Terrier  

These loyal, low-maintenance dogs have existed for thousands of years. They make wonderful guard dogs and family companions

Indian Pariah Dog

The Carolina dog is a primitive North American breed known for its wild appearance and strong hunting instincts. They bond closely with their families.

Carolina Dog

This agile spitz breed has unique anatomical traits that aid it in climbing rocky cliffs to hunt puffins. They are alert, energetic dogs.

Norwegian Lundehund

Bred by nomads in the Sahara, Azawakhs are tall, elegant sighthounds. They have an aloof but loyal disposition.


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