Top 7 Quietest Dog Breeds for Apartments

Basenjis are quiet due to their inability to bark. They make soft "yodeling" noises but won't disturb neighbors. 


French bulldogs rank among the quietest breeds. They only bark if necessary and aren't prone to whining or howling.

French Bulldog

Italian greyhounds aren't very vocal and don't tend to bark excessively. They're very laid-back and relaxed, perfect for apartments.

Italian Greyhound

Whippets are reserved, gentle dogs that are rarely noisy. They enjoy lounging around quietly and usually only bark to alert their owner.


Japanese chins are petite, polite dogs that don't bark much. They form strong bonds with their owner and do well in apartments.

Japanese Chin

Pugs aren't overly yappy and tend to only make their distinct grunting noises. They have a mellow vibe at home and low exercise needs.


Cavalier King Charles spaniels rarely bark and remain fairly quiet and calm at home. Their gentle nature makes them an excellent apartment pet.

Cavalier King Charles

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