7 Signs You May Not Be Ready for a Dog

Your schedule leaves little time for walks, play, training and care. Dogs require significant time and attention.

Busy Schedule  

You can't afford expected costs of food, medical care, supplies and emergencies. Dogs are a long-term financial commitment. 

Tight Budget

Your home or apartment is too small for a dog's needs. Lack of yard space or nearby parks is challenging.

No Space

You or family members have pet dander allergies. Consider hypoallergenic breeds or medications to manage allergies first.


Your landlord or housing does not allow dogs. Don't attempt to sneak one in - make sure pets are permitted first.

No Pet Policy

You expect a puppy will be easy or want a "turn-key" trained dog. Pets require significant hands-on work and patience.

Unrealistic Expectations 

Getting a dog "just because" without careful consideration indicates you may not be ready. Take time to thoroughly research first.

Impulse Decision

Creating a Consistent Daily Routine for Puppies