Creating a Consistent Daily Routine for Puppies

Take puppies out regularly and often - after naps, meals, play and every 30 minutes at first. Be consistent with potty trip times.

Potty Times  

Schedule several structured play and training sessions per day to mentally and physically stimulate your puppy.

Play Sessions

Feed puppies regular, measured meals 2-3 times per day. Pick up food after 15 minutes to reinforce schedule.


Enforce naptime in crate 1-2 hours per month of age after play and eating to prevent overstimulation.

Nap Time

Set a consistent bedtime and stick to it. Puppies need 18-20 hours of sleep per day. Take potty break right before bed.


Formal training sessions 2-3 times daily in 5-10 minute increments positively reinforces desired behaviors.


Appropriate exercise like short leash walks and fetch keeps energy levels managed. Adjust with age.  


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