7 Popular Dog Breeds Originally From Belgium

Energetic and driven, the Belgian Malinois is an intelligent herding breed known for police and military work.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Sheepdog is an alert, watchful breed with a proud stance and thick black coat.

Belgian Sheepdog 

Elegant and athletic, the long-coated Belgian Tervuren is excellent at agility, herding, and obedience.

Belgian Tervuren

A rare herding breed, the Belgian Laekenois has a wiry coat and makes a devoted working dog.

Belgian Laekenois 

The Groenendael is an agile, hardworking Belgian breed with a beautiful black coat.


Smart and amusing, the affectionate Brussels Griffon sports a signature beard and wiry coat.

Brussels Griffon

Confident and spunky, the black Schipperke is known as the "Little Captain" of Belgium.


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