Top Dog Breeds That Do Well With Cats

Gentle, friendly Labs tend to be tolerant of cats and get along well with them when socialized young.

Labrador Retriever

Sweet, gentle Cavaliers are happy to be buddies with cats thanks to their calm, social natures.

Cavalier King Charles 

Playful yet patient, Golden Retrievers usually coexist peacefully with cats and make great companions.

Golden Retriever

Charming and easygoing, most pugs are perfectly content to live and play with cats in the same home.


Mild-mannered Bassets are totally fine sharing a home with cats as long as they're socialized young.

Basset Hound

Calm, friendly Bulldogs typically get along well with cats as long as they are raised together.


Pleasant and curious Beagles are likely to make friends with cats when introduced properly as puppies.


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